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How to Buy a Used Car Under $10K

How to Buy a Used Car Under $10K

When you’re buying a used car – especially one that’s under $10,000 – it’s very easy to end up with lemon if you don’t take the proper steps when preparing to buy.

Here at CreditUnionDeals, we have lots of new cars added all the time under that price, so we want to help you make a great decision on a car that’s right for you – and is the right fit for your needs and future too!

5-step-processFollow these 5 steps to avoid ending up with a bad “automotive headache” or a moving money-pit!

  1. Use the VIN Number for Research – When you find a car you like, ask the dealer for the Vehicle Identification Number, then use one of the many informative websites out there to get detailed history and safety information on the car you’re planning to buy. AutoCheck from Experian and CarFax are two of the biggest and each is a bargain if it saves you from buying a car that’s been wrecked or may have potentially serious future issues resulting from a checkered past.
  2. Check the Safety Info – Before you spend money on an older car, always see what the National Highway Traffic Saftey Administration (NHTSA) has to say about how safe it is and how many, what kinds of recalls the vehicle has had. Faulty airbags or sticky accelerators can cost you your life!
  3. Check the Value – Sometimes used car dealers will overprice used cars on purpose or by accident because inexpensive or older car buyers don’t tend to check values on older vehicles. Go to and take 5 minutes to see what the car you’re looking at is really worth or it could cost you.
  4. Check Insurance – Some older cars with bad safety track records may seem like a good deal, but always ask for a quote from your insurance company before buying. Recalled cars can have hefty insurance premiums or may not be insurable at all!
  5. Check Financing – So many times, buyers head to the dealer without seeing if ay bank or credit union will loan them money on a car they’ve got their eye on. If you do, you could get trapped at the dealer with their “in house” financing that comes with bad terms and astronomical rates because you can’t get any reasonable bank to finance the car you want. Call your bank BEFORE going to talk to a dealer!

If you follow these 5 simple steps, you’ll have a better success rate with the car you buy!

Need a Car Under 10K?

If you’re looking for a great deal, of course, check out our inventory at  We help credit unions move their repossessed cars, so you get a great car at a  great price. And, we handle the whole transaction for you.

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