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Why Credit Unions Are A Great Place to Buy Your Next Car

Why Credit Unions Are A Great Place to Buy Your Next Car

Here at CreditUnionDeals, we form partnerships with credit unions throughout Alabama, the Southeast and soon nationwide to help them sell the cars they repossess. Typically, the credit unions reclaim the cars, park them in a lot at one of their branches, then wait for weeks or months to go by before finally deciding to move the cars at auction (for very little cash).

All in all, it’s a lose-lose proposition for most credit unions.

Why? Well, credit unions simply are not set up to re-market repossessed vehicles. They don’t have the staff, the marketing expertise or the funding to spend on selling cars they’ve already often lost quite a bit of money on in the first place (i.e. the costs of repo companies, back payments, storage, depreciation and more.)

As a result, most credit unions are more than open to finding willing buyers for these great cars – and selling to them at a great price. The problem is, again, it’s hard for credit unions to find the buyers and get the word out about the cars they have, not to mention handling the transaction (credit unions simply are not car experts).

That’s where we come in. We connect with credit unions throughout the state to list and market their cars on our auto search website. This helps them move their cars and helps you find a great deal!

Why are credit union cars a great buy using CreditUnionDeals? Here’s a short list:

  • Value – Reclaimed credit union cars can usually be had at a much lower-than-retail used car price (no markup!).
  • Condition – Often times, the cars that get repossessed are in much better shape than typical trade-ins.
  • Easy Transaction – When you find the car you want, we negotiate the buy for you from start to end.
  • No “Run Around” – We’re brokers who work directly with the credit unions, not dealers, so you won’t get the typical sales hassle from used car dealer salespeople.
  • Data – We provide you all the use car reports and lemon-checks you need to make your decision!
  • Shipping – We connect you with highly-affordable car transport services for you to use if the car isn’t local.
  • Warranties – We can also connect you with very affordable car warranties so you have peace of mind.

Here’s how easy it is to work with us:

  1. Find the car you want on our site here.
  2. Click “Make an Offer” when you’re ready.
  3. We’ll call you, then present the offer to the credit union.
  4. They accept, then you pay here on our website with PayPal or credit card (you can also wire money or send money order too).
  5. We send you paperwork to pick up your car or help you arrange for shipping through our partners.

That’s it! A great deal, done right. If you’re ready to find a car, start your search now. Got questions? Drop us a line:

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